Program Coordinator: Energy & Water Conservation Posted Jul 11
Mile High Youth Corps , Denver, CO
Position Overview: This position leads Energy & Water crews comprised of 18-24 year-old Corpsmembers in the delivery of energy and water conservation services to low-income residents, community-based organizations and other MHYC clients. Responsibilities include: hiring, supervision, training and youth development of Water and Energy Conservation Corpsmembers and Crew Leaders; program development, implementation and reporting; coordination of service opportunities and educational activities.

Reports to: Project Manager: Energy & Water Conservation

Areas of Responsibility
Youth Development & Supervision:
● Support recruitment and manage hiring for all Energy & Water Conservation Corpsmembers
● Implement orientation and training for Corpsmembers and Crew Leaders
● Supervise, monitor and evaluate the work performance of Corpsmembers and Crew Leaders
● Promote agency mission in all activities
● Enforce the policies and procedures outlined in the MHYC employee and Corpsmember handbooks
● Promote a solution-focused youth development environment in which Corpsmembers have the opportunity to develop new skills and experience personal growth
● Maintain a consistent leadership presence in the field and ensure quality control
● Provide significant leadership development and service opportunities for Corpsmembers throughout the duration of their terms of service both within the agency and in the community
● Support and lead staff and Corpsmembers towards agency goals; consistently contributing to the team effort
Program Coordination:
● Oversee the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the Energy & Water Conservation program
● Ensure meaningful program implementation that successfully meets the 6 core educational areas, in particular on Friday programming days
● Implement program practices that reflect local and national best practices in relation to Youth Corps, youth development, green jobs, and other related fields
● Develop appropriate programmatic structures that promote Corpsmember success and meet programmatic, agency, and funder goals
● Communicate effectively with all stakeholders in program activities both internally and externally
● Ensure that safe working procedures are followed
● Work closely with the Energy & Water staff to ensure fee-for-service projects are well executed leading to a high satisfaction level of clients and sponsors
● Work closely with MHYC staff and Alumni Mentors to help coordinate volunteer service days leading to a high volunteer and project sponsor satisfaction
● Maintain accurate project records and reports as needed. Create ways to engage crew in reporting when possible.
● Support the Energy & Water staff in the successful distribution, security and maintenance of MHYC tools, vehicles and uniforms
● Support the implementation of the Leadership Council in coordination with the Program Leadership team

Administrative Duties:
● Complete and submit high quality program and grant reports in a timely manner
● Ensure consistent, timely and thorough tracking of grant and agency related outcomes
● Ensure appropriate spending of Energy & Water Conservation program budgets
● Coordinate all programmatic evaluation tools and databases Ensure that Corpsmember files, AmeriCorps education award paperwork and attendance records are complete, accurate and updated in a timely manner
● Assist other staff by providing programmatic information needed for marketing materials and fundraising proposals
● Attend Energy & Water Conservation program and youth corps events and trainings as required
● Participate in internal and external meetings and committees
● Complete other duties as assigned